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I learned that it’s never too late to make a change, and if you believe… All things are possible!

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My name is Jenna Leveille and I want to share my wellness story with you.  When I had my now almost 20-year-old daughter I had trouble losing weight and started crash dieting. That yo-yo dieting led me to be stuck for over 13 years.  I chose to put everyone first before myself.  When I finally decided to dedicate more time for me that’s when I realized accountability and wellness was everything! 

I’m a mother, a wife, a friend, and always have been a superstar at work.  But when I finally focused on myself, I lost 140lbs and I was a better everything! I started a free community called Getting Closer Every Day that offers free accountability and support for all those struggling with weight loss. I’ve shared my weight loss story in the hopes to help other people who are suffering or have given up on themselves. I wanted to offer support where people felt safe and encouraged during their journey. 

GCE is everything wellness for anyone!  We have teamed up with the best, products, services, and retreat getaways that offer great discounts for our community.  To take advantage of these offerings go to our getaway and partners pages on and use our dedicated links and promo codes.

GCE continues to seek and team up with the best in wellness. Our business focus is travel, fitness, beauty, and corporate wellness. Our community has been growing and soaring since 2015. Getting Closer Every Day is a connector that is contagious and continues to grow and inspire people around the world.  Join our movement and platform today.


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I have never been a joiner. I always wanted to do things on my own; didn´t need anyone´s help or encouragement.  Or so I thought until life showed me otherwise.  The last couple of years I lost not only control of my body but also the ability to talk myself back into some sort of healthy routine.  I was desperately looking around online for some inspiration when I came across an article in Shape magazine that pointed me in the direction of Getting Closer Everyday, and I immediately joined.  That was a few months ago and, even though I am still not a great poster and still at the beginning of my journey, just reading about everyone’s progress and the courage all the members have to face their obstacles every day, has given me a newfound motivation and made me realize I am not alone!  I go there every day and each day someone has posted something that inspires me. I love this GCE group more and more every day.

Elsa Vieira

GCE is an awesome community to be a part of.  There are people at so many stages of their health journey; from just starting to maintain.  I love sharing within the group and never feel uncomfortable sharing anything.  Members helping members is really what it is about! It really is the best way to stay accountable. The group is entirely private, so nobody has to be afraid of who may see anything!  Want to ask a question?  Ask it.  Need advice?  Ask the question.  There is a ton of knowledge and encouragement in the group!  Never a negative comment.  Also, you quickly learn that each person has a different goal or what healthy looks like.  And there is no issue with that!  Healthy is not just a number on a scale!  I could go on and on about what this group has done to help me!  Yes, I have achieved what I need to, but there is so much more.  Being in this community will allow me to accomplish so much more, and keep setting new goals!  Feel free to share anything I post!  I want others to know there is a place they can go for positivity and help!!!  Can we use Stephen and Kelley testimonials on the old website too. I don’t have corporate testimonial yet, but will start asking.


Mark Johnson


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